Provinciestraat 206, 2018 Antwerp - Belgium    Tel: + 32 3 233.75.13          BTW/TVA/VAT: BE0404.838.705

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Kleinblatt bakery offers a wide variety of types of bread. Come to us for everything from traditional breads to Eastern European specialities. Our buns are also a household name in Antwerp and the surrounding area. For generation after generation, the Kleinblatt family has baked them faithfully following the family recipe and its own traditional production methods.

Do you have a memorable party or celebration coming up? Our party cakes are a feast for the eye and make your mouth water. Don’t miss our home-made pralines, ice cream and pastries. All our products are kosher and comply with the Jewish dietary laws, the Kashrut.

Come and discover them at Kleinblatt bakery! We can cover any opportunity and taste.

(p) = parve

(d) = dairy

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